The game of guilt began with the founder of the bored monkeys criticizing another NFT exploitation. – Rayrice Forex News

The game of guilt began with the founder of the bored monkeys criticizing another NFT exploitation.

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Founder of the famous co-founder Boring Monkey Boat Club (BAYC) NFT Collection ETH 200 (USD 378,000) has been criticized by the Discord messaging platform for the confiscation of valuable digital assets.

On Saturday, Gordon Gonner wrote on Twitter that Discord was “not working for Web3 communities” after the project’s disk server was hijacked, adding: “We want a better platform that puts security first.”

However, some observers have criticized the instant messaging platform for using social media platforms.

Do not blame Discord for users coming in social engineering [direct messages] Open and click the phishing links. He said. Anonymous NFT Analyst OKhotshot. “Use the device correctly before you can criticize it.”

Discord Security developer Captain Plantine also said that no matter what platform you choose, phishing attacks will occur. Indicates The team took the time to set up a multimedia security to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.

However, the abduction took place after the hackers were able to post phishing links in the official BAYC and related projects, after Boris Wagner ruined the project’s community manager account at Otherside’s Discord channels.

Yuga LabsThe company behind BAYC, later confirmed the exploitation, Is saying. At around ETH 200, “the price of NFTs seems to be affected.”

This is at least the third time in a row that a bad actor has been able to hack into the board monkey’s social media accounts in the last two months.

The team in early April Announced “Webhook in our Discord” has crashed. On April 25, the project’s Instagram account and Discord server were back. Hijacked.
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