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Russia’s central bank is set to make some concessions on the Crypto regulation

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Russian strict crypto-skeptic Central Bank He said he was prepared to soften his stance on crypto to some extent to allow key legislation to emerge – but he still supported a ban on all crypto-related activities in the country.

Following a series of calls by government bodies for crypto licenses in international trade agreements, the central bank issued its first public agreement yesterday. The bank has previously called for a ban on Chinese-type cryptocurrencies.

Per Kommersant and Vedomosti, Ksenia Yudaeva, First Vice-Chairman of the Bank, said that the Central Bank is not opposed to the use of tokens in “in principle” “the use of cryptocurrencies in international transactions” and “international financial infrastructure”.

Just last week, Cyril Pronin, head of the bank’s finance technology department, warned that any so-called “legitimacy” of the Russian economy could lead to cryptography.

Yudaeva also said:

“The Bank maintains that the active use of cryptocurrencies in the country, especially in the Russian financial system, poses significant risks and risks to citizens. We believe that these risks could be significant in Russia.

However, Kommersant also reported that the bank had “softened” its position on crypto mining – an industry it had hoped to block, but now acknowledged that it could be a taxable source of income.

Commissent said Russia’s “undisclosed source of development” for Russia’s crypto law was “pushed” by the “executive” into an agreement.

Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin called for the bank and more pro-crypto. Ministry of Finance To reconcile their differences.

But Anatoly Axsakov, head of the state Duma’s Financial Market Committee, said recently that the law was still under “heated debate” – possibly between the ministry and the central bank.

Some experts say that the US represents the weak choice of financial instruments in the global settlement sphere, including Axakov, who previously preemptively imposed sanctions on the crypto “market” in the auction.

In any case, the media agreed that the “position” of the bank was “approaching and approaching” the Ministry of Finance, “judging by the Yudava speech.”

The ministry wants to label cryptocurrencies with overseas buyers and sellers, as well as “scholarly service providers” under the term “international trade.”

However, a teacher from Moscow Digital SchoolEfim Kazantsev, commented, “Due to the ban, Russian companies have significantly reduced their ability to manage their accounts with foreign companies, and cryptocurrency could be a good option in this case.”

One lawyer, meanwhile, said that “as long as crypto currencies play a role in the circumvention,” politicians and regulators could continue to look for options for “regulation of cryptocurrency” – rather than imposing sanctions.

Axakov, for his part, appeared last weekend in an effort to circumvent the crypto currency in an effort to avoid possible sanctions. Interfax cites dead-

“There is a suspicion that US intelligence services are controlling the distribution of cryptocurrencies and there is no interest [for Russian firms and individuals] Falling under the watchful eye of these agencies when conducting transactions.


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