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Mitred won two prestigious awards at the Forex Broker Award 2022

Mitred won two prestigious awards at the Forex Broker Award 2022

Australian Forex and OTC Commodity Trading Mitred has won two prestigious awards at FxDailyInfo Forex Broker Award 2022.

Mitred was awarded the 2022 Innovative Broker and 2022 Best Trading Platform. The prizes are awarded by FxDailyInfo, which rewards a series of innovative and recognizable trading platforms for Forex brokers. To announce the winners, FxDailyInfo also considers a number of key factors, including ground-breaking technology, platform cross-platform, responsive customer service, risk management and rapid growth.

“We are deeply humbled to receive these prestigious awards. We acknowledge this double victory for our hard work and dedication to making business easier for all. This important milestone is an encouraging motivation for our team to be on the right track. He encouraged Fox to become a marketer. Our team strives to make our marketing platform more recognizable in the future.

Mitrade made significant structural changes to the team and its assets in 2019. Introduced a web marketing platform, which, with its simple user interface and smooth functionality, immediately gained international attention and engagement. Later, the innovative WebTrader was complemented by mobile apps for Google Play and IOS. The mobile applications have brought Mitrad platform cross-platform compatibility, making it a business-to-business destination for everyone.

Earlier this year, Mitred won four 2022 awards from International Business Magazine – The Most Trusted Broker Asia, Best Forxes Global Resources, The Most Expensive Fox Broker Global and Best Business Forum Australia.

Continuing its innovative journey, Mitred recently upgraded its mobile application with better features. The app now comes with a built-in event calendar that allows traders to predict market trends and shape a winning business strategy. The mobile app also has a state-of-the-art business introduction for beginners and professionals.

This ingenuity has won Mitred won many prestigious awards and added to its popularity in the international business community. Mitrade’s advanced technology, flexible research tools and fast response 24/7 customer service has grown over 1,100,000 customers in three years. The Mithred app on Google Play has over 1 million downloads.

Mitred also won Forex Fintech Broker 2021, the most innovative Forex prizes in Global Brands magazine and Best Mobile Trading Platform 2020. More information is available at

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