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Future trading user experience on three cryptocurrency exchanges

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As a beginner investor in many exchanges, such as spot trading, I plan to invest in the future and make more profit, as we have just joined the crypto sector and tried entry-level products. Future trading. Today, let’s explore how I opened up the future on three crypto exchanges (Binance, KuCoin, and CoinEx) and see which platform offers the best services (PS: Personal Experience and Reference Only).

no. Binance

Let’s start with the next Binance section, which mainly covers crypto futures including USDT-M Futures, Coin-M Futures, Binance Leveraged Tokens and Binance Options. In particular, users can trade USDT-M Futures and Coin-M Futures directly on the Binance website. To trade Binance Options, however, investors must download the Binance Options app. Beginners who do not know the Binance Leveraged Tokens may not be confused at first, as there are no operating rules.

Here, I went with USDT-M Futures and entered the BTC / USDT futures market. On the left side of the page shows the current market situation and order book, on the left side of the page, users can select the margin model and order type on the right side of the page. On Binance, users can place 7 orders, including Limit, Market, Stop Limit, etc. and choose to buy long or short. After opening a place, you can check open orders and business history at the bottom of the page.

It should be noted that users must go through KYC authentication before trading futures on Binance. In addition, both old and new users must complete KYC verification to start with Binance products and services (eg, Crypto Deposit, Trading and Withdrawal).

Overall, as a world leader in crypto exchange, Binance offers a complete crypto future and well-designed website. However, there are no guidelines, and users should spend more time learning how to trade futures on the exchange. At the same time, in order to trade futures with Binance, users must complete KYC verification. In addition, when the forum is dealing with a number of consumer rights issues, care must be taken, including the use of the candlestick table and malicious layouts.

II. KuCoin

The KuCoin crypto contract section now shows future terms and used tokens. The future page of KuCoin is very similar to Binance – the current market situation and order book are on the left, and the margin model and order type are on the right. Meanwhile, KuCoin offers a variety of services from contract calculator to profit and loss. However, on KuCoin, merchants can only place limit orders.

KuCoin offers only 100 USDT-margined Futures markets, indicating a lack of diversity. In addition, an estimated $ 280 million worth of assets were stolen from KuCoin in September 2020, marking the biggest crypto hack of the year. Therefore, before joining KuCoin, investors should carefully check the security of the platform.

III. CoinEx

All crypto contracts on CoinEx are futures. Users can trade in reverse contracts (equivalent to USDT-M Futures and Coin-M Futures on Binance and KuCoin). Users can click. [Futures] In the Browse bar to start future trading.

The future of CoinEx is simple and clear, with clear sections. Unlike Binance or KuCoin, CoinEx offers four types of futures: limit orders, market orders, stop-order orders, and stop-market orders. It should also be noted that CoinEx has placed the Futures Tutorial at the top of the command settings to help users by simply viewing the tutorial video and completing the quiz. Futures tutorial allows users to start future transactions on CoinEx quickly and efficiently.

CoinEx provides functions such as TP & SL and contract calculator. Moreover, the platform allows users to close places with one click. In general, the future of CoinEx is more straightforward than Binance or KuCoin, and easier on the eyes. In addition, CoinEx does not want future merchants to go through KYC certification, which is inconvenient for people like me who plan to complete any KYC verification soon. In order to open a space and start a future business on CoinEx, users simply need to log in to their CoinEx account and transfer the assets to a future account.

It is worth noting that CoinEx has always been the most reliable platform in the industry. The exchange has not been canceled in the last 5 years since its inception. As a certified exchange, CoinEx is supported by robust products and technologies as well as improved asset security.

In summary, after comparing the futures offered by the three platforms, Binance offers a comprehensive, professional future that includes multiple markets but requires KYC certification, which is bad news for beginners or users in a country with KYC certification. not allowed. Binance has also faced many scandals. On the other hand, the future products offered by KuCoin and CoinEx are both suitable for beginners, completely basic functions and easy tasks. But when it comes to security and ease of use, CoinEx is the clear winner.

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