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Focus on BOJ and FED Powell today for the June 17 Forex Signals brief

Yesterday’s Market Pack

After the FED decided to raise interest rates by 75 bps on Wednesday evening, the USD was in a strong recession as the currency fluctuated. We saw that market sentiment continued yesterday, believing that there would be no such big walk in the near future.

New Zealand’s Q1 GDP surprised the market during Q1, followed by a dramatic 50 bps increase from the Swiss National Bank, which dropped from -0.75% to -0.25%. The Bank of England has been trading sharply at 25 bps to 1.25% and GBP / USD, although it is not clear if this is due to inflation, as markets are now expecting two double bps or a US dollar depreciation.

Today’s information agenda

Although CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation is very common in Japan and China, we met this morning at the Bank of Japan, where it has remained unchanged. But after the SNB emergency walk, every meeting is important. After some time, we have the latest inflation figures from Europe, the headline CPI is expected to remain at 8.1%. In the afternoon, FED Chairman Jerome Paul will speak, which could change the course for the USD.

Yesterday was another turning point, as the USD continued to rebound on Wednesday night, as a relief rally after FED 75 bps. In most markets we have opened six brands, one in gold, one in Ethereum and four in forex. At the end of the day we finished three winning symbols, which is great, considering the variability, the Ethereum symbol remains open.

Gold – Sell signal

Following Wednesday’s gold trading signal, we decided to take another short break during the BOE downtrend. Gold cost more than $ 2,000 in the Ukraine conflict, which turned into an atmosphere in early March. Since then the trend has been disappointing and gold has lost its safe haven in yesterday’s rally against the currency, and once fell below $ 1,800. We decided to sell because gold was declining, but we saw a sudden change and XAU turned into a bully.

XAU / USD – H4 chart

WTI Oil – a trademark

Crude oil has been on a two-year high, and since March, growth has been steadily rising until Wednesday, with H4 support moving average. But in the middle of the week, we saw a reversal when natural gas plummeted to more than $ 2. Moving averages are broken and we have decided to open a sales signal yesterday before taking over the SMA (Purple) over the profit margins and the registered profit margin.

US WTI Oil – 60 Minutes Table

Crypto Currency Update

After consolidating for a month since the beginning of May last week, cryptocurrencies began to slide again and hit some new low. Ethereum, where we launched two cryptocurrency signals earlier this week, dropped $ 1,000 to $ 1,020, while Bitcoin lost $ 20,000.

Buy Ethereum for over $ 1,000

After consolidating in May, cryptocurrencies continued to depreciate earlier this month, with ETH / USD falling to $ 1,000. The zone above this main round has been done several times and we think now is the time to reach a higher level before the fall starts again. So we decided to open a purchase mark above $ 1,000.

ETH / USD 240 minute chart

$ 20,000 left Bitcoin ?

After the crash resumed in the crypto market, Bitcoin was once again in the doldrums. BTC went up to $ 20,000 and we decided to open a sell-off on Tuesday. Since the price returned to the $ 20,000 level yesterday, we have made a profit because it is higher than expected.

BTC / USD – 240 minute chart

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