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Cryptovers Crash Stablecoins went into an unknown direction

Stablecoins, a safe and secure Crypto relative, are unusually strong. Tate, USDC and others lost their dollar-denominated page last week in a volatile market that relied on cryptocurrencies to ignore crypto volatility. But were they angry or were they losing their lives?

Major stable coins traded up between $ 0.95 and $ 1.02 last week, according to Coinmarketcap.

Both Tether and the USDC – the two largest – have experienced little change over the past few years, sometimes rising to $ 1.01 in 2021 and falling around 97 cents by 2020, Coinmarketcap said. According to Morgan Stanley, the history of this part of the cryptography has changed dramatically over the past week.

“Stablecoins’ strategic assets that we find in the crypto space are very close and any impact on the value of one or more stocks will have an impact on the overall system,” said financial management partner Hagen Rook. Reed Smith in law firm in Singapore.

“According to him, a stable coin is easily controlled, which is strange because if you violate how a central coin works, it is basically the same as a bank deposit.”

Stablecoins are linked to the value of major assets such as the dollar to increase confidence, and are a great way to transfer funds between currencies or to regular currencies.

“The economy is completely Internet-based and is always evolving, but not the financial system. So you need a stable coin to have a fast-moving dollar.

TerraUSD, which sparked market turmoil last week, is due to a dramatic fall because the nail with the dollar is thought to be a complex algorithm, not a dollar or other asset.
TerraUSD’s woes have contributed to the slide in crypto markets that have lost more than $ 357 billion or more than 21.7% of digital asset market capitalization in more than a week, according to a crypto exchange Kraken study.

However, there may be winners and losers from such a ups and downs, even in the midst of stablecoins. Tether prices fell from $ 83 billion to $ 75.6 billion last Monday, but before the fall, the USDC rose from $ 48 billion to $ 51 billion, Coinmarketcap reported.

UK-based digital asset broker Marcus Sotrio said, “There is more confidence in the USSD at companies such as BlackCrock, which has USDC stocks.

Meanwhile, Rook and others will see more rules along the way. “Stablecoins are low-hanging fruit, and I think we will see some policy for them,” said Michelle Bond, chief executive of the Digital Asset Markets Association.

“There are various issues – what are the reserves allowed? Who can issue a stable coin? How can the issuer and the holder be audited? What kind of statements are made to the consumer?”


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