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Cardano’s Hoskinson ‘Best’ Crypto Economy ‘Can Help Avoid Bankruptcy – Decrypt

Charles Hoskinson wants them to “wake up.”

On Twitter Distribution On Tuesday night, the Cardano Founder and Ethereum The co-founder warned of the “future of dystonia” with high inflation and government printing.

“The world economy is not healthy,” warns Hoskinson.

And the ongoing crypto crash – total market value has dropped 10% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap – to shed light on the differences between institutional investors and retail investors, the latter who, in Hoskinson’s view, are using crypto. Trying to get out of the “unjust world”.

“Institutions were dropping their cryptocurrencies … most of them see it as a high risk and a high return,” Hoskinson said. “This has always been a risk of inviting Wall Street types.”

With their financial strategy and widespread inflation, bank employees and VCs, Hoskinson continued, “They have already chosen their destiny. They are playing music chairs that destroy the world economy. He cannot keep himself. ”

Crypto said it could be part of the economy solution, adding that products initially entering the market may not be “very good for the market.” (Hoskinson and LUN founder Dr. Kun Words recently exchanged on Twitter).

In support of the philosophy of “measure twice, cut once,” Hoskinson suggested that “others did not” because “they were pursuing their interests for their VC masters.” Luna And Algorithm Stable Coin UST.

Crypto currencies are not hurting themselves – they are undermining markets and devaluing secret currencies.

“The general point of cryptocurrency is to restore some confidence, credibility and stability to the global financial system,” he said.

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