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Bitmein AntMiner E9 to launch even though the Ethereum integration edge is close

AntMiner E9. Source: Bitmain

Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto-mining monolith Bitmain Even as Ethereum developers prepare to convert Blockchain to Authentication-PoS, the new ETH miner AntMiner E9 will go on sale on Wednesday.

Chinese Mining Hardware Manufacturer Announced The news on Twitter on Tuesday shows the E9 hash speed of 2,400M, with 1,920 watts of power consumption and 0.8 joules of power per minute.

According to Bitmain, the new slot is equivalent to 25 Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards. Sales start Wednesday at 9 am ET (15:00 CET).

Beatmein mocked AntMiner E9 on YouTube in early April 2021. However, the model on sale this week is slightly more energy-efficient than last year’s, consuming 0.85 joules per minute than expected. joules per minute.

According to the website, the mine will be sold for $ 15,000 and an additional $ 150 will be used for freight.

AntMiner E9, described by the company as “the world’s most powerful Ethereum mine ASIC”, says it earns $ 5,280 a month for Ethereum mining and $ 3,960 for Ethereum Classic (ETC).

The mine could be used to mine other Itash coins. Some of these coins include ETC, Etho Protocol (ETHO), MOAC, Halo Platform (HALO) and others.

However, the profitability of producing other coins is not very comparable to that of Ethereum, which is why AntMiner E9 is the most popular Ethereum mine.

In particular, as the second-largest crypto network prepares for the transition from PO technology to POS, mining will come to market, eliminating the need for miners.

While there is no specific date for The Merge, Ethereum developers expect it to be completed by the end of the year.


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