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Aussie crypto ETFs are still worth $ 1.3m on a difficult start date.

With cryptocurrency markets in stock, three cryptocurrencies (ETFs) have set a difficult day to start trading in domestic currency Cboe Australia.

The launch of the trio represents the first crypto ETFs to proceed directly in Australia, with two focusing on Bitcoin (BTC) exposure and the other focusing on Ethereum (ETH).

So far, the three ETFs have generated more than $ 1.3 million in revenue, with an estimated revenue of $ 1 billion.

Cosmos’ objective Bitcoin Access EFF (CBC) provides a relatively indirect approach to BTC from Sydney-based crypto investment company Cosmos Investment Company, because it “monitors the performance of the ETF units denominated in USD. The purpose is Bitcoin ETF.

The other two EFAs were developed by ETF Securities in partnership with 21 major Swiss-trading suppliers (ETPs). The currencies are called Bitcoin ETF (“EBTC”) Ethereum ETF (“EETH”). They both track the value of their respective Australian AUD currencies.

According to Cboe data, at the time of writing, 21 Shares EBTC and EETH traded 125,271 and 142,206 shares, reaching $ 519,874 and $ 416,663, respectively.

The Cosmos Property Management Fund traded at a relatively slow start with 51,572 shares worth a total of $ 398,135, but the company may soon start operating, leaving payments on CBTC for two months to attract institutional interest.

Speaking at the launch of Cointelegraph, ETF Security Communications Head Kanish Chuh said it was a difficult time to start in the middle of a crowded crypto market, but it would give investors a fair chance to have some skin in the game.

“Given how volatile markets are in the short term, it will be difficult to determine how Bitcoin and Ethereum will work.

“Our crypto ETFs are physically supported and monitor the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum and we have high hopes that EBTC and EETH will be successful in the long run,” he said.

In a public announcement, ETF Security Chairman Graham Tucwell emphasized the importance of Crypto EFF in launching the environment, taking into account the BTC and ETH standards.

“The market capitalization and trading volume of these two major crypto currencies is currently higher than any of the companies listed on the Australian stock exchange, but investors have not been able to find them as intended,” he said.

Australian Crack Managing Director Jonathan Miller praised this “big milestone for digital assets” and said investors could buy Bitcoin, although it was a wonderful time and not everyone was a bully.

“However, it is not necessarily a watershed moment for access. We must keep in mind that every investor can buy Bitcoin directly, and that each abstract coverage of the property will increase the risk and cost.