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A brief overview of Forex Signals for May 12 will continue with the launch of Cryptocurrency Currencies

Yesterday’s Market Pack

After a bit of improvement on Tuesday, the focus shifted to yesterday. The downturn has resurfaced in stock markets and cryptocurrencies. Although the risk is not high, European stocks close with some small gains. Commodities have also made some gains in the past, and US WTI crude oil has returned more than $ 100.

CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation reports from China and US show up again. In the April CPI report, the market tended to ‘high inflation’ so when the numbers hit higher than expected, there was a sharp fall in both stocks and bonds. The US dollar jumped first, then backward, but finally closed the day again. Probably, ECB President Christine Lagarde may have introduced a new era in the world economy today: She signaled that interest rates would gradually increase, without increasing the limit.

Today’s information agenda

Today, inflation from the New Zealand Reserve Bank (RBNZ) is expected to rise. Although I do not think the NZD will benefit much because commodities and commodities dollars are now following the market sentiment.

The UK’s quarterly and monthly GDP figures were released earlier in the European session, but the GBP is weak on long-term charts. US PIPI (Manufacturer Price Index) inflation figures are expected to cool in April, helping to ease CPI inflation in the coming months.

Forex signal update

We had a good run on forex signals yesterday. We opened 5 marks on the main pair yesterday and all of them hit the profit target, leaving a profit of 150 ppi. This was a good start for us after the recent bankruptcy crisis in Crypto Currency.

USD / JPY – Buy Signal

We will continue to buy diapers USD / JPY And yesterday we decided to open another buy signal here, after lowering it again to 50 SMA (yellow). The price has gone up to 20 SMA (gray), hitting the TP target, but these pairs are back down so we are considering opening another buy signal, this time at 100 SMA.

USD / JPY – 240 min chart

NZD / USD – 2 Sale Signs

NZD / USD It turned into a depression a month ago and attempts to undo the maximum ended in reverse and a new low. Commodity dollars are stagnating in China due to fears of a recession, despite rising prices from the RBNZ. Yesterday we decided to open two sales signs here, both of which were closed for profit.

NZD / USD – 240 minute chart

Crypto Currency Update

Crypto currencies have really turned bearish since yesterday when the pressure on sales rebounded. Terra LUNS is heading for a fall after falling to $ 1, as its stable UST fell below $ 1. There is a panic in the crypto market that makes it bear the brunt.

Looking for another Terra LUNA shopping signal

Terra LUNA was completely destroyed last week. In April, we decided to buy this cryptocurrency because it was the strongest in the major crypto currencies for several months, as the cryptocurrency continued to rise sharply until the end of March. The Luna was close to $ 120 that month but fell again. We decided to open a 100 SMA (green) buy mark which was initially considered a support but eventually Terra LUNA fell and broke below 200 SMA. Support zones are broken so the LUNA coin trades to 120. Although we’ve respecting the price tag in the first place, we are considering buying this coin around here.

LUNA / USD – Daily chart

Will Bitcoin break $ 30,000 support?

BTC / USD It hit a new record of $ 69,000 last November but has since been overtaken by sellers. The final test ended at the 200-day SMA (Purple) and the price returned below $ 40,000. The price is now rising to $ 30,000 and the main support zone will stop at $ 20,000 next.

Will the last support for Bitcoin remain?

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