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A brief description of the May 18 Forx signals signaled the risk of recovering the dollar

Yesterday’s Market Pack

The risk is negative for most of the two months, which is particularly severe on stock markets, commodities and cryptocurrencies. On Friday, however, we saw the improvement in market sentiment so far this week. However, the crackdown on cryptocurrencies ended on Monday.

Today, the economic calendar began with an oral report at the last meeting of the RBA raising interest rates, which was supported by the falcon, thus helping to improve sentiment for the AUD. Euro zone Q1 GDP growth has previously improved from 0.2% to 0.3% during the European session, while UK revenues rose to 7.0% compared to 5.4%. U.S. retail sales and industrial output fell sharply in April, so all positive data helped ease the sentiment, and the U.S. dollar has long since retreated in the wake of such a trend.

Today’s information agenda

Japan’s quarterly and annual gross domestic product (GDP), which began today, shows a slowdown in the first quarter. The UK inflation report released this morning showed another increase in CPI inflation last month. The euro zone’s final CPI reading is expected to remain unchanged, so it will not affect the euro, but the CAD inflation report from Canada is expected to slow down.

Yesterday’s Disaster Risk Improvement sent risk currencies, as we were short, because the main trend was drowsiness for them. However, we were caught up in that activity and had many missing signs in the morning, although we later tried to recover during the US session.

NZD / USD – Buy a signal

The main trend remains for NZD / USD and yesterday we got the first sign of defeat here after many winners, because the march is high. Although we decided to use this bullying speed and bought this pair when it went back to the 20 SMA (gray) on the daily chart.

NZD / USD – H1 chart

Silver XAG – Trademark

Silver and gold continue to slide from last month until the end of Friday, weakening due to high prices. That’s when market sentiment began to improve and the US dollar began to decline, which led to a dramatic change in the safety of steel, which should have been depressing. Anyway, we decided to open the sale at 20 SMA.

Silver – 240 Minutes Table

Crypto Currency Update

In recent weeks, Terra LUNA and its stable currency, the USS, have broken down, and cryptocurrencies have improved over the weekend. We opened for crypto signals, one of which closed profitably yesterday.

Closing Bitcoin Signal

BTC / USD has been weak since the beginning of April, when bullies resumed. Moving averages have turned one by one into opposition, and the smaller ones have recently taken control, indicating that the trend is growing. The $ 30,000 level was hit last week but we have seen a dramatic change. Although we failed to push the 50 SMA (yellow) twice, we decided to sell BTC and now we have a profit.

The 50 SMA Bitcoin is pushing down

ETHEREUM Making highs

Ethereum has been very weak since the beginning of April and the 20 SMA has recently been operating as a resistance here, which means that the lower trend has become stronger here. However, the downtrend stood at $ 1,700 above the main support level and this cryptocurrency has been showing a significant decline since then. However, we missed out on the opportunity to buy Ethereum for close to $ 1,700.

ETH / USD – H4 chart

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