A brief description of the Forex Signals for July 5 shows the RBA another 50 bps price increase – Rayrice Forex News

A brief description of the Forex Signals for July 5 shows the RBA another 50 bps price increase

Yesterday’s Market Pack

This was a bank holiday in the United States, which meant that the US markets were closed yesterday, so it was very quiet. Most major currency pairs end where they start after jumping up and down. Commodities such as gold, silver, and crude oil have made some good gains, although the main trend is still weak.

The most important data was released yesterday by the Swiss CPI (Consumer Price Index), which jumped 3.4% year-on-year, the highest in 30 years. PPI (Manufacturer Price Index) inflation cooled slightly in the eurozone last month, but the Sentiment investor confidence index is further declining, which is another negative for the Euro. ‘

Today’s information agenda

One night we had the Australian Retail and AIG Construction Index before the RBA (Australian Reserve Bank) decided to increase its interest rate by 50 points (bps) to 1.35%. Italy and Spain’s first service numbers are showing another slowdown, which means the ECB is trying to fight inflation on the one hand and the economy on the other. Later, we will have minutes of a meeting of the BOE (Bank of England) after the BOE’s Bailey speech.

We had a mixed result with our Forks signs last Friday but we got off to a good start this week with a lot of winning signs. We stayed in forex trading outside of Cardano trading, which we had been doing for a week. We hope to have a great week as we move forward.

Euro / JPI – Buy a signal

The euro is in trouble as the ECB expects to raise prices later this month, but the BOJ is in a very difficult position because the JPY is not thinking about it now. This time my co-worker resisted the trend and the 50 SMA was a good place to turn into this pair.

EUR / JPY – 240 minute chart

AUD / CAD – Buy a signal

The AUD has been in a state of disarray since the beginning of April, as the AUD has suffered a major setback due to the Shanghai locks. However, when buyers push more than 20 SMA (gray), my co-worker chooses another business that is in line with the trend here.

AUD / CAD – 60 minute chart

Crypto Currency Update

Crypto currencies have been trading side by side for two weeks, but in the last two days they have started showing some bullying. Bitcoin has again cost more than $ 20,000, which could be the beginning of a bullying. But, let’s see.

ETHEREUM Survive the $ 1,000 level

Ethereum dropped $ 1,000 below the main level in the middle of last month, but this time it is held high as a support. Vendors tried again last weekend, but prices began to fall sharply and took a decisive step yesterday, pushing above all moving averages, turning 200 SMA (purple) into support.

ETH / USD – 60 minute chart

ADA / USD Sign – Create a support zone at $ 0.43-0.45

Cardano has remained in hiding since last September, with highs declining. Although the support zone has been holding from $ 0.43 to $ 0.45. Moving averages continue to withstand from above and the region is getting narrower, so we are waiting for a break and going up.

ADA / USD Daily Chart

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