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2022 Man of the Year: Trek FX 1 Disc – Washington Free Beacon

In the year July 18, 2022. Much to America’s dismay, President Joe Biden tries to stop and disembark in front of a crowd of fans, lightening the Trek FX 1 disc. The rest is defamatory.

No one in the history of aviator sunglasses has ever looked as cool wearing them as Biden did that fateful day. A bike helmet and tactical bike gloves didn’t help. His foot caught in a stupid pedal thing and pissing on the Delaware pavement with a bunch of bent gear and Spanish and wrinkled foot skin didn’t do it.

The Trek FX 1 disc did the American public a great service by exposing the president as a weakling headed to the grave. In our humble estimation, it was no less vigorous and enduring an act of self-defense than the patriots of Lexington and Concord two and a half centuries ago, when the full-bodied thrust of the Revolution was fading into the ether.

It’s a miracle he didn’t die. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among Americans age 65 and older. Biden is just 80 years old. Kamala Harris is vice president. (We’re so f-ed) Maybe the Trek FX 1 disc begs us to watch and mourn the death of the funky geezer. Not for Biden, but for ourselves.

For crying out loud, this is America and we deserve more than a commander in chief who humiliates the country every day. Our “chosen” “leader” is falling off the bike and Shaking hands with spirit Strongmen like MBS will bomb Yemen and lure the journalist abroad to kill and dismember him with zero results.

Don’t get me wrong. of Washington Free Beacon He considers cycling to be an anti-social abomination in a perfect world with soulless scarecrows hanging from trunks in beautiful tigers. We have not come to this decision lightly or hastily. We held hands in a circle and discussed ideas and influences as we spoke our truths and dug into our feelings.

Eventually we felt that a simple child’s toy could not be held responsible for the actions of so-called adults. In one of his father’s name-and-foreign-funded smoke-and-burn speeches, Sleepy Joe, who fathered an innocent boy named Hunter Biden “Dallas,” is almost as likely to blame the crack pipe for his refusal to accept the tragic rejection. Criminals who notice this.

For her great service to our great country and to put President Brandon on a bone ass. Washington Free Beacon The Trek FX 1 Disc is honored to be recognized as 2022. Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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